About Ethan Gardner

I'm Ethan Gardner, a full stack developer who specializes in process definition and continuing professional education for those involved in creating software. I am passionate about teaching technical topics to others and maximizing their ability to create a high-quality product.

Software is only as good as the team that creates it, and that's why continuing education is so vital. Under my guidance, junior developers have evolved their skills from basic HTML and CSS to the ability to write unit tests, object-oriented programming, and database queries, and I hope to share some of the tips I have learned in my experience with you.

On the blog, you'll find the occasional article about coding or tools (I am still a developer after all), but the primary focus will be on the "people aspect" of creating software.

If you like my approach to the craft of software engineering and would like to work with me, I am currently employed at The Taunton Press as a Senior Web Developer and am also available for speaking opportunities. To get in touch with me, please connect with me on LinkedIn or send an email to ethan [at] ethangardner dot com.

Ethan Gardner