I’m Ethan Gardner.

I'm a full-stack engineer with expertise in front-end development, focused on creating high-performance web applications, identifying process efficiencies, and mentoring development teams.

Ethan Gardner

Latest Posts

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    Improving the most criticized part of tech hiring

  2. Greenfield Design System Planning and Design - Part Two

    Component inventory and documentation

  3. Greenfield Design System Planning and Design - Part One

    Creating a design system from scratch

  4. Supporting Color Contrast in Design Systems

    Using Style Dictionary for design token management and integrating contrast info in the design system documentation

  5. Behavioral Growth

    A story of behavioral growth and maturity

  6. Investigating data transfer cost reduction for AWS S3

    Trying to find ways to save on data transfer costs was a side quest to my main mission, but it ended up being worthwhile.

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