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  1. My Approach to Continuing Education and Skill Development

    How I've managed to keep learning over the course of my career and keep my web development skills sharp

  2. 2022 Retrospective

    What I learned and did in 2022

  3. Performance Problems in Old Features

    Unraveling past development work is sometimes the opposite of a quick win

  4. Reflections on Engineering Management

    What I learned as a first-time engineering manager

  5. Delivering Value with Web Performance

    Every organization sees their web presence a bit differently. Understanding this can help you bring value in various scenarios.

  6. A Quick Performance Win

    Google Search Console and RUM data was used to identify and troubleshoot the issue

  7. Reflections on the Behavioral Aspects of Web Performance

    A reflection after 6 months of performance work

  8. Improving the LCP of Brightcove Video Embeds

    Fixing a slow Largest Contentful Paint for video poster images

  9. Reducing Experience Gaps in Web Performance

    Looking at the relationship between performance measurements can help inform performance strategy

  10. Academic Motivation in Technology

    Setting goals to learn new skills in technology

  11. A Math-Based Approach to Color Theory

    Color theory using the color wheel and basic math