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  1. What I Do When I'm Approached with a Lighthouse Score

    Using Lighthouse as a conversation starter and focusing on what matters

  2. The Fundamentals Behind Core Web Vitals

    Understanding browser processes help you truly grasp the core web vitals metrics

  3. Investigating data transfer cost reduction for AWS S3

    Trying to find ways to save on data transfer costs was a side quest to my main mission, but it ended up being worthwhile.

  4. Performance Problems in Old Features

    Unraveling past development work is sometimes the opposite of a quick win

  5. Delivering Value with Web Performance

    Every organization sees their web presence a bit differently. Understanding this can help you bring value in various scenarios.

  6. A Quick Performance Win

    Google Search Console and RUM data was used to identify and troubleshoot the issue

  7. Reflections on the Behavioral Aspects of Web Performance

    A reflection after 6 months of performance work

  8. Improving the LCP of Brightcove Video Embeds

    Fixing a slow Largest Contentful Paint for video poster images

  9. Reducing Experience Gaps in Web Performance

    Looking at the relationship between performance measurements can help inform performance strategy

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