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GDPR User Management

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This project uses multiple AWS technologies to allow users to manage their privacy preferences. It is deceptively complicated for a simple-looking form.

A typical request goes like this: Cloudfront performs geolocation based on the user’s country, passes that info to a Lambda function, and then serves a JS file from S3 based on the user’s location.

Once the library is loaded on the page, it uses Promises/A+ to load content based on user preferences or shows a slideout drawer if the user has not submitted preferences before. User preferences are stored on the client and sent to an AWS SimpleDb.

Why was it built?

It was built due to the changes that online publishers needed to make regarding the GDPR regulations in the EU.

  • Role: Lead developer
  • Technology: AWS Cloudfront, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, AWS SimpleDb, NodeJS
  • Year: 2018
  • Written for: The Taunton Press
  • Industry: Publishing